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GCT Invests in new production facility

[Translate to englisch:] Die GCT-Geschäftsführer Martin Vogler und Johann Schmidt (von links) vor der neuen Produktionsanlage.

GCT is a manufacturer of diamond coated tools primarily used for the processing of aluminium backed Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) for LED lighting packages in the automotive sector. Martin Vogler, managing director of GCT underlines the growing market for these diamond coated tools.  “The industry is seeing the use of more and more base materials which can no longer be processed with standard uncoated tools due to the abrasiveness of the materials. Other PCB manufacturing sectors such as 5G -mobile communication, autonomous + electronic driving and sensor- technology are also seeing the same material transition”.

Additionally, he expects continued growth with GCT already seeing further applications moving into processing of aluminium and ceramics, these include the dental industry as well as in all branches of microelectronics and even the wood industry.


To meet the growing demand of GCT customers from the electronics, dental + ceramic, automotive and tool industry, GCT has invested approx. 1 Mio Euro in a new production facility. Now with a total of 7 coating devices GCT has capacity to produce 1.3 Mio diamond coated tools. A workforce of 30 employees look after customers’ needs around the globe, this includes a 50% share in Asia.


Original Source: Die Wirtschaft zwischen Alb und Bodensee, 3/2020

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