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GC-2i High Performance 2-Flute End Mills (center cutting)

Newly designed Solid Carbide 2-Flute End Mill with Diamond Coating for Aluminum IMS applications


In addition to our well-established Standard 2-Flute End Mill Type #1322 with MicroSpeed coating for IMS Aluminum applications, GCT presents a fully new designed GC-2i End Mill Type #1328. The new center cut design gives more rigidity when plunging, ramping or drilling in Aluminum IMS. The newly designed micro corner edge delivers the perfect edge protection and improves tool-life vastly.


Through re-modelling the flute profile, chip-packing is vastly reduced. Vibrations are eliminated and tool-life increases by far, even when running with increased Feeds & Speeds. Parallel to these advantages, the component surface quality is increased as well.


The new GC-2i End Mill # 1328 with MicroSpeed Diamond Coating perfectly cuts all Aluminum IMS substrate, even when cutting with full axial depth (ae) and with increased radial depth (ap). Thanks to the new design, cutting speeds of 220 - 250 m/min. are easily achievable and reduce cycle time by far.


Parallel to this, in comparison to standard tools, the feed rate increases without reducing any tool-life as well. The pre-drilling operation can be eliminated in many applications, which reduces tool costs, changing- and cycle times. Most of the application ramping or plunging is suitable without any feed reduction or changes in parameter and re-programming.


The advantages at a glance:


  • New point design with more stability
  • Qualified for pocketing, plunging, ramping and drilling
  • Fully new flute design for better chip-removal
  • No chip-packing or build-up edges in gluey aluminum
  • Optimized micro cutting edge increases tool life
  • Increased tool-life in all Aluminum IMS components
  • Improved workpiece quality due to less vibration


The new GC-2i End Mill Type #1328 with MicroSpeed Diamond Coating is now available from stock. Please contact your local GCT-Partner to order your free test tool including engineering service, to recommend you the correct application parameters.

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